Our global systems of production, consumption and waste generation are broken.

Many companies lack the transparency along their supply chains to truly understand the social and environmental impacts of the products they make.

Most consumers lack a basic understanding about where the things they buy come from, the condition in which they were made, and where items end up when they throw them "away".

These fundamental issues make real improvement toward social and environmental sustainability slow and inefficient.

I hope to change this by taking an entirely different approach. 

In January 2016 my husband and I embarked on a 3 month long horseback journey across of Patagonia with our three horses and two dogs. The purpose of our ride was to celebrate simplicity and inspire curiosity.


So what does this adventure have to do with sustainable supply chains? 

Through creative storytelling, I hope to inspire curiosity about product life cycles, invoke reflection on the life we give the things we own, and motivate creative thinking about how the life of these things can continue beyond a landfill.

Consumers/citizens, corporate executives, politicians- we are all part of this equation and we all have a role to play. By exploring the life of the things we carry with us through Patagonia, I hope to inspire more reflection about how we can collaborate to move toward a zero-waste and sustainable economy by adding a little curiosity to the equation. 

Over the course of the coming months, I'll be crafting and sharing stories that explore the life of the things we carry with us.