Awakening Regenerative Strategy Through Resilient Leadership

Every individual has the capacity to lead with integrity, authenticity and coherence. Our individual capacity to lead in this way directly impacts and influences the organizations, teams, communities and families we participate in. 

As we collectively work toward a regenerative economy that is supported by healthy, vibrant and thriving businesses, organizations and communities, resilient leadership grounded in deep listening and curiosity will be an essential tool for all arenas.

With our horses as our guides, I facilitate leadership journeys that explore, ignite and empower the authentic, creative and resilient leader within. 



Creating Internal & External Coherence 

When we feel stressed and chaotic inside, this directly impacts our teams and organizations. It threatens to deplete our internal energy resources, reduces our creativity, and ultimately limits the vision and impact of the organization we are leading and/or supporting.

In order to lead from a place of coherence, we must learn to connect with the power of deep listening and clear, heart-based communication. Through an integration of personal coaching and intentional groundwork with horses, I support the process of creating internal energetic coherence through heart-based energetic awareness. The horses we work with support making the invisible visible, as they respond directly to our energetic shifts and are visibly attracted to this coherence, once it is established.

Invoking Vision, Action & Resilience

When we begin to enfold curiosity into our organizational strategy, we embody a natural ability to respond to unexpected changes in our environment. As we build and grow companies that are able to remain flexible, responsive and resilient in the midst of climate change and global unrest, it is essential that we engage an agile leadership style that can hold large vision and action while also finding comfort and ease in uncertainty.

Working with horse herds at liberty is an incredible tool to witness and participate in responsive leadership that is grounded in deep listening and non-verbal communication. 




Adventuring Across Wild Inner and Outer Landscapes

As human beings, we hold a vast connection with nature that silently feeds our souls. Wild places bring in our elemental connection to the planet, while also inspiring a deep curiosity that lives within us. Science has shown how nature awakens areas of our brains and replenishes energetic wells within us. 

Likewise, partnership with horses has been shown to expand our human potential as we work with another creature in a willing and open way. 

We curate intentional backcountry journeys that nurture our connection to wild places through integration of creative expression and poetry, fundamental principles of Leave No Trace and Natural Horsemanship, and intentional dialogue about activating individuals, communities, and organizations to move toward regenerative relationships with the planet and with one another.