This is where we come together and break trail.



My Approach:

Together, I believe we should push boundaries, we should move through the crux, and explore the core of the most challenging issues. At the same time we remain committed to creating realistic, practical solutions that can be taken to scale in the long term.

I offer senior level consulting with a speciality in ethical labor and environmental practices and strategy across industries that include apparel, consumer products, agriculture, food processing and electronics.

Together, we explore, evaluate and embed responsible, innovative and ethical business practices that support a larger and more essential effort of building regenerative communities, businesses and economies.

Why Quila Quina:

"Quila Quina" means "three points" in the Mapundungun language of the Indigenous Mapuche people of Chile. I was drawn to this meaning as I defined the intention of my work to ensure a committed focus on Planet, People, and Prosperity. My approach to all aspects of my work involves a deep awareness and commitment to these three core principles.

I specialize in building transparency and systems of shared value within organizations and throughout global supply webs. I've spent years working closely with companies among the Fortune 100 in strategic management of environmental and social impact of global production.

This work and understanding of the interlaced relations between human, environment and economic dynamics of our global existence has inspired me to continue drawing my clients out beyond their comfort zones toward more dynamic and agile ways of being.